Experience the joy of shopping with tax refunds in Thailand

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Experience the joy of shopping with tax refunds in Thailand.
All of gadgets and devices available at Studio7 and BaNANA stores

Method for applying for VAT refund at Studio7 and BaNANA stores:

  1. Look for the VAT refund icon in the store.
  2. Purchase goods worth at least 2,000 Thai Baht from the same store on the same day (can be Studio7, BaNANA stores, and affiliated companies.store)
  3. Show your passport to the salesperson on the day of purchase
  4. Fill out the VAT refund application form for tourists shopping in the store on the same day (P.P.10).

Inspect and certify your goods at the customs counter at the airport.

  • On the day of departure, present your goods to customs officers and combine the P.P.10 form if the total value reaches 20,000 Thai Baht for inspection and stamping.
  • For luxury items worth over 40,000 Thai Baht, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or for tourists purchasing luxury items totaling over 100,000 Thai Baht, they must present the purchased goods again for tax refund procedures at the tax refund counter after customs inspection.
  • After passport control, place your VAT refund application form (P.P.10) and original tax invoices into the designated VAT refund application box at the international airport terminal.

Who can apply for VAT refund:

  • Individuals who are not Thai nationals.
  • Individuals who do not have a residence in Thailand.
  • Airline crew members who are not performing duties in Thailand.
  • Individuals departing from international airports in Thailand.
  • Individuals purchasing goods from stores marked with “Tourist Refund” signs.
  • Present goods and the tourist VAT refund application form (P.P.10) and original tax invoices to customs officers before completing check-in procedures at the airline counter on the departure date.

Channels for tourist VAT refund:

  • Counter VAT Refund at airport
  • Thailand VRT application
  • Post ≥ 30,000 THB
  • Drop box

Options for VAT refund application are as follows:
For amounts not exceeding 30,000 Thai Baht:

  • Cash (Thai Baht only)
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
  • Credit card

For amounts exceeding 30,000 Thai Baht:

  • Bank draft
  • Credit card

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